Local Governments

In France, trade is undergoing profound changes.


The average vacancy rate in city centers, excluding the

Île-de-France (Paris) region, has increased by 57%* in just 5 years!


We have developed adapted solutions that will

energize your city center and its periphery.


Create local wealth by allowing your merchants to

compete on equal terms with online pure players.

We revive city centers thanks to e-commerce

Let’s create tomorrow’s Smart City

An agile online marketplace for your citizens

Bring together all your local merchants on one e-commerce website.


Transform your city center into a major player in

omnichannel and local commerce thanks to Machine Learning.


Expand your neighborhood clientele to include your entire community.


Offer your merchants’ products for sale 24/7

and increase their turnover, even outside their opening hours.  



Automatically replicate your merchants’ inventories in real time and generate additional store revenue without any effort on their part.  



Facilitate communication with your merchants and manage all internal communication via a dedicated platform.  



Support your merchants growth of their turnover and increase their profitability per square meter.  

An intelligent CRM for marketing campaigns

Create (or recreate) lasting relationships with your clients through

qualitative et activatable data for personalized marketing initiatives


Offer an ultra-personalized online and in-store experience

to each of your customers by leveraging data efficiently.   

Data mining

Collect and reconcile your customers’ data for personalized multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Digitized advisor

Digitize salespeople and provide a consistent emotional experience to your residents across all channels.  

Email retargeting

Target your citizens effectively via our CRM to manage & monitor personalized marketing campaigns, online and offline.  

A simplified ship-from-store tool

Offer all your merchants an easy and effective ship-from-store

solution to revitalize your neighborhood.


Centralize all your merchants’ orders, expand your catchment

area and simplify logistics.



Minimize your merchants’ work thanks to an easy and agile integration of our ship-from-store solution.



Generate additional revenue with our cross-selling algorithm and reduce return rates.  



Ensure fast and appropriate customer follow-ups with automatic emails specific to each order.  



Ensure proper logistics management on a simple and centralized application for all merchants.


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*Procos study