Definition: Assistant Shopping & Personal Shopper

Definition Shopping Assistant


The Shopping Assistant, also called Personal Shopper, is a fashion professional who accompanies, advises or helps a customer in his research and purchases. He is employed by a store or a concierge. He can also offer his services as an independent.

His role has evolved with the development of E-Commerce. Indeed, many sites now offer a virtual shopping assistant service that offers to guide the customer during his visit to the website.

Personal Shopper and Connected Seller


But some sites offer more than just advice. This is what Wishibam offers. Indeed, by initiating a conversation with an online stylist, the customer chooses if he wants to be advised on an item or an outfit.

But, where some sites are content with a chatbot, Wishibam allows to reintegrate the human element. The Personal Shopper becomes a virtual salesman. And thanks to our solution, any customer who has used the online service will be recognized in the store by the sales team. The physical advisors will be able to use the search and conversation history to better inform the buyer. What a great way to improve the shopping experience!