Definition: CRM

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the term used to describe all the tools used to optimize the relationship between a brand and its customers.

These tools allow the collection and analysis of customer data and will enable the brand to better target and reinforce the personalization of its offers.

Thanks to CRM, marketing, sales and customer service teams have access to the history of interactions with a buyer, whether potential or actual, and above all, whatever the communication channel used (telephone, email, social networks, chat).
These tools also allow for a better follow-up of customer satisfaction, and to know their preferences.

A CRM to optimize sales


On the other hand, it is necessary to monitor this data to ensure that it is always up to date. Indeed, according to Salesforces, a good CRM can boost sales by 32%.

Without it, the brand has less information about its customers, and therefore knows them less. A customer who is recognized as soon as he logs in or when he enters a store, will feel more confident, he can be better advised, and he will go through with his purchase. He will then be able to testify of his good experience around him, and will provoke, without wanting it, new sales.