Definition: Customer Relationship

Whether you are a large group or a small business, customer relations must be at the heart of any business strategy to ensure the success of the company.

Definition of customer relations

It is thanks to customer relations that we can transform a prospect into a customer, then a customer into a loyal customer, or even a brand ambassador.

It takes place before, during and after a purchase, and above all, it involves several teams within a single company: marketing, via the communication and advertising of the product, the sales teams, via their advice and support, and customer service, via the additional information they can provide.

A multi-channel customer relationship

Until a few years ago, when we thought about customer relations, we mainly thought about the relationship that a sales team could have in a store. However, with the development of e-commerce, the customer relationship has adapted and must continue to adapt. And it is essential that it be multi-channel.

A customer is more and more demanding, and easily moves from one brand to another in case of a bad experience. That’s why you need to be able to offer them physical assistance in store, but also and above all on the phone, and online, whether via an email address, a chat or social networks.

A well-managed and complete customer relationship will only be beneficial for the brand.