Real Estate Companies

For 71% of French people, a seamless experience both

online and offline is a top priority

Today, e-commerce unfairly competes with physical commerce.


Our solutions are adapted to the needs of your

tenants and enable them to increase their store turnover.


Support your brands in their omnichannel approaches

and help them meet their customers’ expectations.

An agile online marketplace for your tenants

Become an omnichannel commerce thanks to Machine Learning.


Use e-commerce to increase store sales, expand your catchment area

and ensure your asset’s value.


Offer your tenants’ products for sale 24/7 and increase their

revenue, even when the center is closed.    



Automatically replicate your tenants’ inventories in real time and generate additional store revenue without any effort on the part of their teams.  



Facilitate interactions with your brands and manage all internal communications within your shopping center via a centralized platform.  



Support your brands optimally in their revenue growth and increase profitability per square meter for their stores.

An intelligent CRM for marketing campaigns

Reconnect with your end customers to make them

a qualified and activatable audience.


Offer an ultra-personalized online and in-store experience to

each of your customers by leveraging data efficiently.   

Data Mining

Collect and reconcile your customers’ data for personalized multi-channel marketing campaigns.  

Digitalized Advisor

Digitize sales advisors and offer a consistent emotional experience to your consumers across all channels.  

Email Retargeting

Target customers effectively with our CRM to monitor personalized marketing campaigns online and offline.  

A simplified ship-from-store tool

Offer tenants an easy and efficient ship-from-store solution.


Centralize your orders, expand your catchment area

and simplify logistics.



Minimize your brands’ effort with our simple and agile ship-from-store solution.



Generate additional revenue with our cross-selling algorithm and reduce return rates.  



Ensure fast and appropriate customer follow-up with automatic emails specific to each order.  



Ensure good logistics management on a simple and centralized application for all actors within the mall.

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